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MN & R is a translation and language services agency. Logo MN und R 4-png

For a certified translation of your documents or the proofreading of your thesis or dissertations, our team offers a quality service that is fast and within your budget.

We only work with experienced translators with an academic background. Most of them are accredited by the Court of Appeal of Zweibrücken. We live by the four-eye principle and always meet deadlines to ensure our clients are truly satisfied with the results.

How can we help you today?

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We have already translated many identity documents, birth, marriage and university certificates and other documents for clients coming from different countries. So you can count on our experience, reliability and professionalism. Our customers are not only private persons, but also companies. An extract of our customers list:

Our values ​​at a glance

It is not enough to speak several languages ​​to be able to translate. Translation is an art that requires talent, editorial skills, broad general knowledge, high quality training and professional experience.